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  1. 1)most primitive algae?blue green algae
  2. 2)apaptosis is function of? lysozyme
  3. 3)Peroxisome take part in which part of
  4. 4)photosynthesis?Calvin cycle
  5. 5)cell wall of bacteria contain:peptidoglycan
  6. 6)cork contain which material?suberin
  7. 7)Most advanced algae group?green algae
  8. 8)which fungi group lack flagella?rhodophyta
  9. 9) true for recombinant dna technology?cutting DNA part and ligating into vector then put in an expression system(ye sara likha tha aik option me that is correct)
  10. 10) xylem contain? trachied and vessels
  11. 11) electron transport chain occur in which organelle? mitochondria
  12. 12) microfilaments composed of protein? actin protein
  13. 13) function of centriole? production of spindle fiber
  14. 14) hydrospheric first layer contain which organisms? planktonic
  15. 15) median is the number? a number between high and low values
  16. 16) cell wall of fungi contain ? chitin
  17. 17) yeast differ from bacteria in which character? being eukaryote
  18. 18) most plant viruses are? RNA virus
  19. 19) the size of average bacterium is? 0.5 to 5 micrometer
  20. 20) megasporophyll in gymnosperm is? female cone
  21. 21. Krantz anatomy
  22. 22.Bacteria cell wall composed
  23. 23.Fungi store food material
  24. 24. Primitive type of Algae is?
  25. 25.Fruiting bodies of aspergillus
  26. 26. Plants grown under shade are called
  27. 27. Advance group of algae
  28. 28. .Nitrogen is essential or maxro nutrient
  29. 29. .Totipotency plant tissue culture technique used
  30. 30 .Chemiosmosis
  31. 31 .What is name of fruiting bodies of aspergillus
  32. 32. Minimum prboablity of two coins for head
  33. 33. Which are obligative parasite…..virus.bacteria.fungi. 4th option ni yaad
  34. 34 .Arrangement of leaves is called…..
  35. 35 .Cell without cell wall
  36. 36 ..Non edible fungi
  37. 37 .Plants grown under shade are called
  38. 38. Agar agar is obtained from?
  39. 39. Sac fungi 8 spores belong to
  40. 40. The ploidy status of dominant generation of pteridophytes?
  41. 41 .Autoclave function at?
  42. 42. Organelle result from apoptosis?
  43. 43. Product of light reaction?
  44. 44. Size of covid-19 viruses?
  45. 45.Reserve food material of fungi?
  46. 46. Red pigment which one?
  47. Phycoerythrin
  48. 47 The flow of energy in ecosystemis……unidirectional bidirectional/in all directions.
  49. 48.. Vernalization take place in ?
  50. 49. Casparian strips are present in…..endodermis/exodermis/epidermis/pericycle
  51. 50 .Gymnosperm mn pollination mostly kis k through hoti ha…..water..wind…animals..insects

6 Delhi pect was signed by

  1. Today Botany paper G.K
  2. Allama iqbal k europe main stay k years..1905-1908
  3. Which gas is used to fill balloons… helium
  4. Indain national congress kis ny banai thi. a o Hume
  5. Quaid e azam ny musl league kab join ki 1913
  6. In MS office the button F8 is pressed three time for which select a sentence
  7. He said: keep silence and listen to my words
  8. Convert into indirect ans:
  9. He urged them to be silent and listen to his words✅
  10. What digit should be added to 3450 to make it a perfect square..ans 31
  11. If 10 has a variance of 4 then rate of varinace..
  12. Ans: 40%
  13. Trade between pakistan and china in year 2018 is type ka tha
  14. Osaka is a city of which country…japan
  15. Name of father of Hazrat muhammadصلي اللّٰہ عليہ وسلم…Hazrat Abdullah RA
  16. ٹيڑھي کھير ہونا….mushkil.kam hona
  17. Primary memory is used for: Data storage
  18. In 1950 an agreement was signed by:
  20. Delhy pact was signed.

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