Why Nani wala give Iphone | Nadeem Nani wala distribute Iphone | Latest Tiktok star kahani

Today we share some big news about tiktok star whose name nadeem nani wala.He is famous in pakistan by divided his Iphone in different people to get fame in tiktok.First he will get few follower but onwards he want to play with people for his selfish fame 1st he play game ali khan hyderabadi because hyderabadi nadeem now get fame in few month and play game to do camel slowmo walk which is difficult but get attractions people to watch their video.If Ali hyderabadi


do camel solomo walk nadeem nani wala give in rewards dubai ticket and Iphone.Approximately 3 or 4 month their game started ,in these month ali hyderabadi and nadeem nani wala get more follower because in new trends challenges people.To challenges people by nadeem nani wala now its trends onwards on tiktok because every people give challenge everyone to do some challenges and in rewards they will get something money or else.This nadeem nani wala 1st fame because of his old nani who just want to prayer but nadeem will get come in tiktok by joking with his nani in different video. Sometimes nani will angry and

people will ask nadeem don’t do this with nani.After that nadeem nani wala got most famous and get new likes in million and also get million follower.He will get approximately 7.3 million now on tiktok and 313 million likes now a days and we says that is enough because he play game with people heart.Nadeem nani wala release one video on tiktok that which he will do some false with girl to get more follower ,because in his dirty video he says this is reason i am distribute Iphone with girl to sleep girl with him.


Some girl r ready to sleep with nadeem nani wala.Now nadeem nani wala release his songs with ali khan hyderabadi the name of his songs cute ji look now on youtube which is available and get views 8 million now his songs trends number one pakistan on youtube.