In Pakistan 26 November Education Institute will close | Minister of education shafqat Mehmood

Education minister shafqat mehmood said that education institution will be close due to covid 19 .school ,college and university will close due to covid 19 .This is covid 19 2nd second phase to attack but 1st time pakistan will handle this covid 19 situation in pakistan and also in education institution.Now we inshaAllah handle this situation again to recover and again open education institution.All Government Teacher will come in school in a week for two days.This is good for teacher to come school for two days rather absent for whole month.Two situation will present due to school education one is that teacher will give online classes for student and the other is that one day in a week student come in school.After watching minister conferences the happiest creatures on planet earth will be those student who got exam in december.Put a strict lockdown to control on covid 19 and whole pakistan pray that Allah protect us from every evil .Every student just saying that thanks Shafqat mehmood .