Education system in Uk

Education in the world is now business but in UK education system is better because they divided their education system into main four parts. Like in Asian country Primary middle and higher classes division education but in the UK only main four parts for education due to their Quality education for their nation. Now we share some features of the Uk education system or we compare education UK with all over the world or how the Uk education system leads.

The 1st one is Primary education, Secondary education, Further education, and last parts Higher education system, like another country three parts same but their syllabus different and also further education parts is also different from our system in Asian country education system. When children will admit in education for their study at the age of 5 years old and get primary and secondary education at the age of 16 years old.

The education system in a different country have a different system but Uk also have different and Uk education system main point is that , they divide their system into stages approximately four stages they have the 1st one is 5 to 7 years old children and 2nd one 7 to 11 also 3rd one 11 to 14

Fourth is that 14 to 16 these four stages in uk education system where they split system and Further education and higher education we will discuss.The stages we described that 1st two is from primary school education where get education in primary level onward moved to secondary education system 16 years old.

Every student access or give test for their next stages the final assessment at age of 16 and secondary school certificate where student able to get General certificate of secondary education or we say GCSEs.When student complete their secondary education they decided to go for further education and after that higher education uk system final leave school and able to work in world that’s way will improve Uk education system better in my opinion.


Once student get their General certificate secondary education able to study in further education where we say A level education in asian or other country ,In Asian country we can’t devide our education system and just focus what we learn and what type of assessment the teacher expected from us.A Level ,GNVQ ,BTECs or other education or class he or she want to study.Student can plaining after Secondary education for further education will pass and get admission in higher classes.


In our education system asian Higher classes where student can learn special subject also some more subject will learn student in our education system that’s not good in asian country but in Uk education system when student enter in higher education system only they learn their special subject which he or she want to student subject that’s good way or we say in this way student will focus on their main subject.Many international student if want to study in uk directly enter in higher education system after that they complete their special subject will go their home country education system.